Sad Shelter Dog Gets Unexpected Letter From Adoptive Family

Sad lonely dog rescued by Howl Of A Dog gets unexpected letter from adoptive family. Dora was a stray homeless dog captured and taken to the city pound where she was deprived of human affection and proper medical care, but Howl Of A Dog organization stepped in and rescued her. She was traumatized, underweight and had some skin problems that required medical attention and her journey to emotional recovery was a slow but eventually a happy ending one. Here is her rescue video:
Dora has found now a lovely adoptive family in the UK and while waiting to make her 1500-mile long journey from Romania to the UK, Dora’s adoptive family decided to make her a beautiful surprise and sent her some very nice gifts – toys, yummy treats and a cute letter with lots of love and hugs from her new mom.
She was so happy when we unwrapped the parcel, as if she knew the gifts were from a very special person. And Dora’s mom had this adorable idea, inspired from an adoption ad, of sending a little knitted doll that kind of looks like her, so that Dora could have it as a snuggle toy while she is waiting to make her trip to the UK and meet her real mom.
Dora will live in the rural region of Devon, close to lots of beautiful beaches and with miles and miles of beautiful countryside, with forests, lakes, rivers and moorland… A perfect adventure playground! And she has also a gentle canine play mate and friend waiting there for her – Cole, who will be Dora’s bigger brother and protector.
We are so happy for Dora, after all the sadness in her past, she will finally have the future she so much deserves!
We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has kindly donated towards her rescue, medical care and rehabilitation!
We will be back with details in the following period, after Dora arrives at her new home, please visit our Facebook page – – for more updates on Dora.

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